How to Use Fireside

The Fireside blog is an initiative of one person. I also maintain the London World Peace Forum blog and The Sowing Peace Initiative Web Site.
If you wish to participate in the Fireside blog, it is open for all to view and I’ve made it as easy as possible to leave comments. If you don’t have an ID to post a comment you can post as anonymous, but you will have to prove you are not a robot.
If you want to post something as a blog post, there is different ways to do that. It can be done by email or directly posting on the site. In order to post directly to the site I would have to add you as a blogger on the site. Before I do that I would need to get an idea of your subjects and style. There is also an option of directly posting by email. Again I would have to supply you with the email once I know what you will post. In order to do that I will request that your first posts be emailed to me at If I approve of them I will post them for you. When I feel comfortable with your style I will invite you to use one of the other methods.
In order to be approved the content must have a positive message, not be politically motivated and must not be directed against any group or individual. You do not need to agree with me; in fact I invite differing opinions. We can all learn more when we investigate a subject from different points of view. I don’t consider my posts to be authoritative or to contain any absolute truths, so if I am in error, please correct me. I just ask that you do that in a kind and loving way. That way, when someone disagrees with you, they will approach you with love and respect when they offer their point of view.
Many times our disagreements can be attributed to differing perspectives, so what is true for one person may not be true for another. When we patiently try to see the subject from the others point of view, we may not agree, but at least we can see why he sees it that way.
Again, please participate by
1.     Leaving a comment
2.     Sending me a post
3.     Telling your friends
4.     Contacting me with your suggestions.

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